The staff at Cooperstown Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing recognizes that group activities are essential to keeping residents engaged and in good spirits. But sometimes it’s a challenge to get folks involved.

Activities coordinator Amy Rose sat down with 90-year-old Kenneth Kellerhouse soon after he arrived at Cooperstown Center, about a year and a half ago, to help him choose activities to join. Kellerhouse, a former SUNY Oneonta education professor and teacher at Roxbury Central School, spent most of his time sitting in his room watching television.

Amy ran through his options: trivia, bowling, tee-ball, men’s clubs, veteran’s clubs, and occasional fishing trips. Nothing struck a chord…until she offered one last alternative: Tuesday night and alternate Friday night bingo.

Kellerhouse perked up, but he had one requirement: “I don’t play bingo,” he said, “I call bingo — there’s a difference.” Ever since Kellerhouse has been a fixture up front, calling out the squares, visiting with the ladies at Cooperstown Center. Has the activity brought him out of his shell? Bingo!